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GLIN==> 2004 "Life on Lake Erie" Amateur Photo Contest

News Release
April 19,  2004

Photograph entries must be received by August 6

The powerful relationships between Lake Erie and the people, plants and 
animals that enjoy it are subjects of the 2004 "Life On Lake Erie" Amateur 
Photo Contest, sponsored by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (LEC).

Winning photographs will be chosen in each of this year's six categories. 
Those photographs will be featured in the fall in a traveling display along 
Ohio's north coast.

Entrants must be age 18 or older and cannot earn more than 51 percent of 
their income as photographers. Photos must be taken within the past year 
and feature Lake Erie's coastal areas. Each photographer is allowed no more 
than four entries per category. Photos may be submitted digitally and on 
slide and include an official contest entry form. Forms are available by 
calling 419-245-2514 or from the commission's web site at 

A winner will be selected in each of  six contest categories:
* Lake Erie Lighthouses - Beautiful lighthouses adorn the Lake Erie 
shoreline, ready to be caught in all their glory.
* Shoreline Landscapes - Lake Erie offers 262 miles of breathtaking 
* Plants & Wildlife - Eagle nests, meadows, aquatic plants, there is 
certainly a wild side to Lake Erie.
* Traveling Ohio's Shoreline - Recreational watercraft, ships, trains, 
planes and various motor vehicles are among the ways to get around the 
shoreline. Show off what you have seen.
* Seasons of Lake Erie - Capture all the seasons of Lake Erie, whether it 
is lined with flowers, snow or fallen leaves.
* Fun on Ohio's North Coast - There is plenty of fun on Lake Erie! Nature 
walks, picnicking, ice fishing, scuba diving, hunting and trapping are just 
a few choices.

Entries will be evaluated on the basis of creativity, photographic quality 
and effectiveness in conveying the beauty and unique character of Ohio's 
Lake Erie coast.

Entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 6, 2004. E-mail 
entries will not be accepted.  Entries can be sent to "Life On Lake Erie" 
Photo Contest 2004, Ohio Lake Erie Commission, One Maritime Plaza, Fourth 
Floor, Toledo, Ohio 43604-1866. All entries become the property of the 
commission for use in educational and promotional materials.

The commission is made up of the directors of the Ohio Environmental 
Protection Agency and the departments of natural resources, transportation, 
development, health and agriculture. The commission was established for the 
purpose of protecting Lake Erie and its watershed as Ohio's premiere 
natural resource and promoting responsible development in the region.

For Further Information Contact:
Jill Woodyard, Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 245-2514

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