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GLIN==> Minnesota Water Conference 2002

                                MN SEA GRANT
                                NEWS RELEASE
DATE 3/15/02
CONTACT: Marie Zhuikov
PHONE: (218) 726-7677

Conference to Focus on Managing Minnesota's Waters in a Changing

Environmental changes in Minnesota and throughout the world are
challenging our ability to manage the state's precious water resources.
A conference, "Working Together in a Climate of Change to Manage
Minnesota's Water Resources," April 17-20, in St. Cloud, MN, will
explore how trends in the global environment, economy, technology, and
policies, impact decisions about rivers, lakes, and water use.

Citizens, local government representatives, water professionals,
educators, and researchers are invited to learn about and collaborate
on key water management issues.  The first two days of the conference
will feature technical presentations on a variety of topics; the last
two will focus on citizen-oriented water resource topics and will
include a special track for local units of government.  

Keynote speaker Tom Johnson, director of the University of Minnesota
Large Lakes Observatory, will open the conference with information on
global climate change based on his work with lake sediments.  Ted
Mondale, chair of the Metropolitan Council, will give a luncheon
speech, "A New Regional Growth Strategy -- Blueprint for 2030," in
which he will discuss the changing growth patterns of the seven-county
metropolitan area and the challenges to management it provides.  

Other noted speakers include Dennis Anderson, outdoor columnist for the
Minneapolis Star Tribune who recently wrote a series about Minnesotans,
their values, and water resources, "The State We're In;" and the
Honorable Gaylord Nelson, former Wisconsin Governor, Senator, and Earth
Day founder.

"Building stronger public and private partnerships is key to protecting
Minnesota's water resources," said Paula West with the Minnesota Lakes
Association.  "We've designed this conference to have a stimulating mix
of citizens and professionals participating together who will help
strengthen partnerships, which will play a critical role in future

Other conference highlights include a shoreland conservation bus tour,
where participants will view some of Central Minnesota's premier
restoration activities; an evening "Celebration of Minnesota's Lakes
and Rivers;" and a communications workshop designed for citizen

Conference hosts are the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center
and Sea Grant Program, the Rivers Council of Minnesota, and the
Minnesota Lakes Association.  This is a first-time collaboration
between these groups, and combines the Minnesota Water 2002 and the
Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Conference.

Sponsors are the Initiative Foundation of Central Minnesota and the
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  Co-sponsors are the Minnesota
Department of Natural Resources, the Metropolitan Council, and
We-No-Nah Canoe.

The conference will be held at the St. Cloud Civic Center.  The
registration deadline is April 3.  Space is limited!  Cost is $45 per
day and includes a continental breakfast, lunch, breaks, and materials.
Other necessary fees and discounts as well as a comprehensive schedule
are described on the University of Minnesota Water Resources Center
conference Web site, wrc.coafes.umn.edu/water2002/.  You may also call
(612) 624-9282 for more information.


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