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GLIN==> Horn Network Update #21

Posted on behalf of Charles F. Horn, Ohio State Senator

September 2000

The "New Economy" paradigm for economic development is as follows: 1).
Workforce Development (education), 2). Utilization of emerging technologies,
and 3). Venture Capital.  Accordingly, this Horn Network update identifies
Conferences dealing with each of these 3 components of the New Economic
Development Paradigm.

1).  Workforce Development- Council Of State Governments Midwest (CSG),
November 10-12, Chicago, Illinois.

Facing record-low unemployment rates and the outmigration of their workforce
population, Midwestern states have responded with the introduction of
numerous initiatives designed to combat the labor shortage. This issue of
Firstline Midwest details various states' efforts to attract and retain
workers and to better utilize untapped sources of labor.  The full text of
this Article entitled " Midwestern States and Businesses Struggle to Find
Workers in Tight Labor Market" can be viewed at:

For information regarding CSG Midwest's upcoming Midwestern Workforce
Development Policy Forum in November go to:

2). Technology- Chapter of The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics

                           Association (AFCEA), October 17-19, Dayton, Ohio.

AFCEA Is Sponsoring the InfoTech 2000 Conference and Trade Show on 17-19
October '00 at the Dayton Convention Center.

Industry and government professionals interested in hearing about the
critically important role of information technology in ensuring the United
States' preeminent National Defense, and in seeing the latest dual-use
information technologies enabling efficient and effective commercial and
government E-business processes should attend InfoTech 2000-the premiere
gathering which highlights the Miami Valley-Wright-Patterson AFB Region as a
National Center of Excellence for information technology.

In addition to presentations from distinguished government and industry
leaders, this year's show will feature a variety of afternoon IT Workshops
featuring presentations on Enterprise Intranet applications, data, and
infrastructure; information security technologies; and eTechnologies like
eCommunications, eContracting, eFinance, eHealth Care,
eRecruiting/Workforce, simulations, and eWeb Enablement.

All are welcome to visit the Tradeshow's over 100 companies (149 booths have
already been sold) at no charge!  For additional information about InfoTech
2000, please visit www.dwafcea.org <http://www.dwafcea.org>.

AFCEA plays a key role in national security by encouraging and facilitating
ethical, interactive dialogue and cooperative relations among the Department
of Defense, civil government, and private industry.  The Dayton-Wright
Chapter has over nine hundred members and has won numerous awards
recognizing its success in sponsoring annual InfoTech Conferences which
feature distinguished speakers, technical presentations, and discussions
among government, military, and industry conferees, as well as
state-of-the-art C4I and dual-use hardware and software technology exhibits
from industry and government.

3). Venture Capital- National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF),
November 8-11, Honolulu, Hawaii.

NASVF, which serves those who invest in America's entrepreneurs, will be
having its 8th Annual gathering of investment and development leaders
concerned with financing the needs of entrepreneurs in November.  For more
information, please view NASVF's website at: <http://www.nasvf.org>

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact my Legislative
Aide, Chris Vaughan, in my Columbus Office at (614) 466-4538 or email him at

Charles F. Horn
Ohio State Senator
Ohio Senate
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: (614) 466-4538
FAX: (614) 466-7018
Senator Horn's Website: http://www.senate.state.oh.us/horn

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