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GLIN==> Great Lake Erie: Imagining An Inland Sea

Posted on behalf of Lauren Makeyenko <laurenm@greatlakesed.org>

Great Lake Erie: Imagining An Inland Sea
Buffalo, New York  July 8 - August 25, 2000
Detroit, Michigan September 15 - October 13, 2000
Open to the Public

An exhibition that encourages an exchange of ideas and points of
reference by artists living along Lake Erie.

Opening Reception Saturday, July 8
9 - 11 pm
2495 Main St., Suite 425
Buffalo, NY  14214
716.835.7362 Phone
716.835.7364 Fax
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm

Opening Reception Friday, September 15
6 - 9 pm
4719 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, MI  48201
313.832.8540 Phone
Gallery Hours:  Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6 pm Thursday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm

Featured Artists include:

Susan Gold - Windsor, Ontario
Susan Gold’s work explores environmental issues as well as the ways in
which these issues are presented to the public.  In this exhibition, a
figure looks out over water and silhouettes contrast in front of an
aquarium.  She also has an artist's book to accompany the installation.

Michael Loderstedt - Cleveland, OH
Michael Loderstedt created a series of 16 photographs through a
"time-specific" event - a sailing trip across the lake from dawn to dusk
in August 1999.  The photographs were exposed by a radio-controlled
camera with a fish-eye lens mounted on top of the mast of a sailboat.
In an additional installation, cast acrylic models of Erie swim

Holly Morrison - Cleveland, OH
(Buffalo exhibit only)
Facing North by Holly Morrison is a series of eight photographs
documenting the changing lake through the course of one year.  These
black and white photographs focus on the dramatic beauty of water and
sky and the drastically different conditions they create.

Brian Nelson - Livonia, MI
(Buffalo exhibit only)
Brian L. Nelson's sculpture frequently includes video images, either
projected or on monitors.  His work I forget how the circulation of
years projects water images upon and through a movable table ladened
with carved salt disks.  In part it is about the mobility of human
activity mediated by the world in which it takes place.

Carol Novak - Ann Arbor, MI
(Detroit exhibit only)
Inspired by a neon sign that advertised Canadian Club whiskey erected in
Canada to be visible in the United States, Carol Novak presents Dark
Waters.  The letters "US" are spelled out in circular fluorescent
fixtures, illuminated through the interference of clear plastic sheets.

John Pfahl - Buffalo, NY
John Pfahl is well-known for his thoughtful and innovative color
landscape photography.  He will be exhibiting color photographs of the
lake and its surrounding skylines from his Arcadia Revisited series.

Jolene Rickard - Tuscarora Nation via Sanborn, NY
Jolene Rickard presents a multimedia work which explores the natural
productivity of the waters of the lake and the surrounding lands - as
well as critiques of how different peoples entered into relationships
with those resources.

Eric Rippert - Cleveland, OH
(Buffalo exhibit only)
In a series of landscapes, Eric Rippert positions tiny plastic figures
along Lake Erie shorelines and photographs them with a large format
camera.  The resulting life-size color images explore water as a
necessity for life that also has the potential to be a dangerous force.

Patrick Robideau - Niagara Falls, NY
In an ongoing series of work, Patrick Robideau investigates a type of
faint light that is visible in abandoned factory buildings.  While
present in all the cities of the industrial heartland, this light has a
particular eerie glow when near or adjacent to water.

Rod Strickland - Windsor, Ontario
Rod Strickland will exhibit nearly 100 Birch Notes, cut sections of
birch trees etched with pictorial representations of industry and
technology.  By creating works of art in the form of common souvenirs
found in tourist shops, he surprisingly suggests an industrial tourism.
The artist developed an intimate knowledge of Erie during a seasonal job
on the MV Pelee Islander passenger ferry.

Mary Jo Toles - Cleveland, OH
(Detroit exhibit only)
Having lived near the Great Lakes all her life, Mary Jo Toles pursues a
long fascination with it in Research/Sightings Region of the Mouth.  She
photographs water from different lake locations and takes samples of it
to display with the photographs.  The waters of Lake Erie become a
life-generating, spiritual force.

Laila Voss - Cleveland, OH
(Detroit exhibit only)
Laila Voss is a multimedia artist whose work involves a variety of
forms.  Her Chaotic Symphony installation will combine water from the
Lake and Detroit River with video footage of steel production and
recorded industrial sounds.

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