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GLIN==> November issue of the Seiche is on-line

The November issue of Minnesota Sea Grant's Seiche Newsletter is on the Web at:


Articles include:

Science Overboard!
Vessels Aid Exploration of Lake Superior

	Three research vessels, the Blue Heron, the L.L. Smith Jr. and the Lake 
Explorer, are profiled.

Communicating Superior Science

	Read about Lake Superior research results that were discussed by Sea 
Grant-funded scientists during a day-long forum.

Cash Flows Towards Coast

	A new management program for Lake SuperiorÕs shoreline in Minnesota is now in 
place that makes federal money available for projects like wastewater treatment,
erosion control, and wildlife management.

Where are They Now?

	This is a new section that profiles former graduate student researchers who 
were funded by Minnesota Sea Grant.  See what impact that opportunity had on 
their lives.  For this first profile, we contacted Richard Ying Ji, now the 
aquaculture coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Attention Teachers!  Water on the Web Guide Book is Available

	We now have a guidebook to go along with the Water on the Web site.  This 
illustrated 20-page booklet was prepared as background material for teachers.  
It introduces data access, interpretation, and application.  Single copies of 
"Water on the Web: Integrating Real-Time Data into Educational Curricula Over 
the Internet" are free.

..plus information on other staff activities and new products/services.
If you'd like to be on the mailing list to receive a hard copy of this 
publication, please send me your name and street address.  Subscription is FREE.

Marie Zhuikov (pronounced zwee-cough)
Communications Coordinator
MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
(218) 726-7677   Fax: (218) 726-6556
MN Sea Grant Home Page: www.d.umn.edu/seagr

"To say that Lake Superior is the greatest of the Great Lakes is to say much, 
but it draws no picture of the vastness of the haughty queen of freshwater who 
has a copper crown, the iron hills for a footstool, and the coldest blue eyes in
	W. Ratigan, "Pretty Tall Water Here"

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