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GLIN==> New Watershed-Based Trading Legal Report Available Online

Fox-Wolf Basin 2000 Releases Major Legal Report
On Watershed-Based Trading

"Understanding how parties to a watershed-based trading program are
currently regulated is an important first step to evaluating what incentives
and disincentives to trade each party brings to the bargaining table," write
authors Amy Tutwiler and Paul Kent in Fox-Wolf Basin 2000's newest report:
"Watershed-Based Trading & The Law: Wisconsin's Experience."

For those who want a fast read, the report begins with an executive summary
and a basic discussion that can be read quickly. To begin reading now, click
on this link: <http://www.fwb2k.org/research/legalrpt/tradelaw.htm>

For those who wish to delve into the details, the report is lavishly
hyperlinked to take full advantage of the convenience of the Internet,
extensively footnoted, and accompanied by 11 informative appendices
containing a wealth of supplemental information. To begin, go to

For those who can only access a plain text version, please click here to
download: http://www.fwb2k.org/research/legalrpt/trlawtxt.txt

Authors Tutwiler and Kent work at the Madison, Wis., offices of the Davis &
Kuelthau law firm. Tutwiler is an associate in the Environmental Law Section
at Davis & Kuelthau, with expertise in the areas of solid and hazardous
waste, redevelopment of contaminated sites, Clean Water Act compliance and
effluent trading, water supply, service agreements, local government and
administrative law, public utility and public land management. Kent is a
shareholder in the Environmental Law Section and focuses his practice on
water and wetlands issues, wastewater permitting, site remediation and
complex permitting issues for large developments. He teaches environmental
law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School and is also the author
of Wisconsin's Water Law - A Guide to Water Rights and Regulations

We welcome your comments and suggestions and have provided opportunities for
you to send us your feedback throughout the report. We also encourage you to
check out the latest information on our activities by perusing our entire
web site at


Fox-Wolf Basin 2000 is a broadly based, independent, non-profit organization
dedicated to ensuring cost-effective public policy and private action to
achieve and maintain high-quality surface waters in Wisconsin's Fox-Wolf
River Basin.

Jim Pinkham
Communications Director
Fox-Wolf Basin 2000
Box 1861
Appleton, WI 54912-1861
(920) 738-7025 (voice)
(920) 738-7037 (FAX)

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