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Wis. Licenses available by phone


For Immediate Release

May 26, 1999

Diane Brookbank, Wis DNR

Great Lakes Basin Publications
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Wisconsin Has New Automated Fishing Licensing Program
Resident & non-resident licenses now available by phone

Available now is the option to purchase your Wisconsin fishing license over the phone.  Does your state offer this service?  Are stores that sell resident and non-resident licenses in your state getting more difficult to find?  Are those stores open when you want that license?

Wisconsin's program should be no big deal.  It's 20th century technology that's been available for decades and our DNR agencies are just playing catch-up - or at least they should be.  License sales are down nationwide.  Offering licenses electronically by phone or over the Internet is a service that is long past due.  If your state isn't offering licenses electronically, bug 'em.  Our fishery managers have no excuse for license sale declines if they're not offering licenses by phone or on the Internet.

Wisconsin's license program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call toll-free 1-877-945-4236   There is a $3 fee for this service. 
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