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Saginaw Bay & Sandusky Bay

Dear List Members,

I find myself in an awkward position: I have just found out that a
proposal our company submitted with Ohio State University last year
to EPA/NSF is being re-submitted this week. Unfortunately the weak
link in the proposal is our public participation component. I don't
have the time to properly introduce our proposal to interested
parties, get feedback and start creating relationships right now.
Although I expect I may create some indignation with this request, I
would still like to see if anyone out there has any names or
contacts or ideas for creating advisory groups in the Sagniaw Bay and
Sandusky Bay areas where the model would first be applied (with
regional representatives as appropriate).

Briefly, we propose to create a decision support system for Great
Lakes coastal wetlands restoration planning. This would entail a
linked GIS-based hydrology-water quality-economic model for
forecasting changes in spatial wetland extent and possible economic
costs and benefits due to different management scenarios.

I understand that there are many groups working along related lines. 
This idea was originally conceived by academics and now, although 
late in the proposal submittal process, there is still hope that this 
work can still be linked up with real world applications. Please 
contact me as soon as you can if you have ideas or interest.

I appreciate your time and patience.


Scott Dierks, P.E.
Environmental Engineer
Limno-Tech, Inc.
501 Avis Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

734-332-1212 (fax)