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We need your input: ADVISOR survey

The Great Lakes Commission’s newsletter, the ADVISOR, soon will have a
new look, format and content, and we need your input! Please take a
moment to respond to the survey located at


Thank you for your help!

If your browser does not support forms, send the information to Lara
Slee via e-mail, fax or regular mail:  lslee@glc.org; fax: 734-665-4370;

Great Lakes Commission, 400 Fourth St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816. Please

be sure to include the information listed below.

1.  What do you find most informative and/or interesting in the ADVISOR?

2.  What would you like to see that is not already there?

3.  Do you read the electronic version of the newsletter
Which do you prefer...electronic or paper?

4.  How thoroughly do you read the ADVISOR (choose one)?
(a) cover to cover,
(b) only read cover story, then skim the rest for items of interest,
(c) only read “Commission Briefs”,
(d) only read “Around the Lakes”,
(e) only skim through, don’t really read carefully, or
(f) only read calendar.

5.  Is the length of the ADVISOR (choose one):
(a) too long,
(b) too short or
(c) just right?

6.  Is the frequency of publication of the ADVISOR (bimonthly)
(a) too frequent,
(b) not frequent enough, or
(c) just right?

7.  Which do you prefer for the front page...a guest editorial or a
feature article (or a mixture of both)?  Do you have any suggestions for

guest authors and/or featured topics for future issues?

8.  Which of these regular features would you be interested in seeing in

future issues of the ADVISOR (choose as many as you’d like)?
a.  Facts and figures about the basin
b.  Profiles of Great Lakes agencies and/or scientists, policymakers,
c.  Washington update
d.  Other (please specify)

9.  Additional comments

Submitted by (optional):