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WATERSHED 2000 - Call for Papers

Apologies for cross-postings


Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
9-12 July 2000


The Water Environment Federation (WEF), the British Columbia Water and 
Waste Association, and the Western Canada Water and Wastewater 
Association are sponsoring the international specialty conference 
WATERSHED 2000, with the support of the International Joint 
Commission; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Environment 
Canada; Fisheries and Oceans Canada; the British Columbia Ministry of 
Environment, Lands and Parks; and the British Columbia Ministry of 
Forests.  Building on the success of WEF's 1996 conference in the 
Mid-Atlantic, and 1998 conference in the Rocky Mountains, WATERSHED 
2000--to be held in the Pacific Northwest--will explore national and 
international challenges of managing watersheds.  The conference will 
bring together environmental professionals for a showcase on 
integrated resource management and environmental protection principles 
using watershed-based approaches.

The Pacific Northwest exhibits many common climatic and ecological 
features, yet the political and jurisdictional boundaries spanned by 
many of its watersheds create challenges to effective watershed 
management.  The contrasts and common approaches among Canadian and 
U.S. federal agencies and among the state, provincial, and tribal/band 
agencies will be explored.  Attendees will see and hear the latest 
information on implementing watershed planning, protection, 
restoration, and education.  Real-life experiences and lessons will be 
outlined.  The conference will include oral presentations, interactive 
discussions, posters, exhibits, and tours.  Potential speakers are 
asked to submit an abstract for consideration.  Abstracts related to 
Native American/First Nations issues are encouraged.  Topics to be 
addressed include:

A. Sustainable Watershed Protection
B. Multi-Use Watershed Management--Approaches and Steps 
C. Voluntary versus Mandatory Approaches
D. Local, Regional, National, and International Jurisdictional Issues 
E. Total Maximum Daily Loads and Watershed Pollutant Load Trading
F. Watershed Restoration Activities and Habitat Improvements 
G. Effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BMPs)
H. Regulatory, Legislative, and Institutional Issues 
I. Forestry, Agricultural, and Mining BMPs and Issues 
J. Managing Watersheds to Support Fisheries
K. Coastal and Wetland Issues
L. Water Resource Planning and Source Water Protection 
M. Urban Watershed Issues
N. Land Management--Public and Private
O. Geographic Information Systems, Modeling, and Monitoring 
P. Use of Environmental Indicators and Standards
Q. Public Education and Stakeholder Involvement 
R. Financing BMPs and Watershed Programs
S. Risk-Based Watershed Management Strategies 
T. Creative Watershed Programs--Case Studies 
U. Balancing Environmental and Economic Issues

Please submit abstracts for papers on subjects A-U.  Abstracts must be 
received no later than 15 NOVEMBER 1999.  Authors will be notified of 
acceptance of papers in early JANUARY 2000 and must submit a 
manuscript by 27 MARCH 2000 for inclusion in the Conference 
Proceedings.  Speakers will be responsible for paying their own travel 
expenses and registration fees.  (Registration fees are approximately 
$450 US for full conference, advance registration, WEF member.)  For each 
proposed paper, please submit one copy of both an information sheet 
(below) and a typed abstract (two pages, single spaced).

For registration information, please provide your complete mailing 
address to WEF's Member Services Center (Phone: 800.666.0206 or 
703.684.2452, E-mail: msc@wef.org).


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
9-12 July 2000

For consideration, please mail abstract and completed information 
sheet to:
Technical Programs - WATERSHED 2000 Abstracts Water Environment 
601 Wythe Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1994
Phone: 703.684.2400
Fax: 703.684.2413

Copy must be received at WEF by 15 NOVEMBER 1999.  Abstracts must be 
typed, single spaced, and fit on no more than two 8.5 x 11-inch pages. 
Fax submissions will be accepted but are not encouraged.  Please do not 
duplicate mail and fax submissions.  Do not send supplemental 
materials.  E-mail submissions will NOT be accepted.

Abstract for (select one):
___Oral Presentation
___Panel Discussion

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___YES, in the following format(s):___________________________________ 

Paper submitted for session topic (indicate letter):_____

Will this or similar work have been submitted for consideration, 
presented, or published elsewhere by July 2000?
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All presenters agree to submit a camera-ready manuscript in requested 
format to WEF for the Conference Proceedings by 27 MARCH 2000.  I 
understand that if I do not submit a manuscript by the deadline, my 
presentation at the conference will be canceled.

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