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Abstracts due 6/1/99: AWRA Water on the Web Symposium

Abstracts due: June 1, 1999
To submit, see

Symposium on Water Resources and the World Wide Web

To be held in conjunction with the
American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Annual Meeting
Dec. 5-9, 1999
Seattle, Washington

To show how the World Wide Web is revolutionizing the way we obtain
water information; demonstrate water-resources web sites run by
governments, universities and private organizations; and interact with
users to discover successes and failures.

Abstracts are requested on the following topics for presentation at the

*Watershed websites
*Water data bases
*Maps on the Web
*Websites about endangered species
*Student chapter websites
*Water publications
*Real-time data
*International websites
*Websites about invasive aquatic species
*K-12 education
*Websites for professional services

Note: The proceedings will be entirely on CD and on the AWRA website. No
paper copy will be produced. Because likely authors are technically
sophisticated in using email
and the WWW, the Technical Committee will process all manuscripts

Technical Committee:

Kenneth J. Lanfear, USGS, Co-Chair
Lorna Schmid Kendrix, USGS, Co-Chair
Faye Anderson, International Water Resources Association (IWRA)
Mark Eakin, NOAA Office of Global Programs
David Govoni, USGS, National Mapping
Karol Keppy, Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC)
Karen Klima, USEPA
Christine Manninen, Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN), Great Lakes
Robert R. Pierce, USGS
Kalra Shashank, USEPA, EMPACT Program
Christine Manninen
GLIN Webmaster
Email: manninen@glc.org
Phone: 734.665.9135
Fax: 734.669.0764

Project Manager
Great Lakes Commission
400 Fourth St., Argus II Bldg.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816