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New Ontario Web pages


For Immediate Release

May 19, 1999

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Great Lakes Web Site Viewers Exceed 100,000 for April
New web pages added for Ontario fishing resources

Ontario fishing pages and an Ontario message board have been added to the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council's web site.
Check out the latest additions at   http://www.great-lakes.org/fish_ont.html

All eight of our Great Lakes State pages have a "Fish...."  page, and now we've added "Fish Ontario" and their own message board to our award winning site.  All sections are open to the public.  The message board can be accessed through an Index found on our home page at http://www.great-lakes.org/  or click here http://www.great-lakes.org/cgi-bin/message.cgi?state=ont

If you know a good site our Ontario section should be linked to, send us an e-message at glsfc@great-lakes.org

The phenomenal acceptance of our award winning site by the angling and boating public and outdoor recreation community helped propel us past the 100,000 mark with visitors last month; 100,598 to be exact.  Presently averaging over 3300 visitors daily,  it is estimated the site will exceed the 1 million mark this year,  and your suggestions are encouraged.
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