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Job Vacancy - Lake Michigan Field Station, Muskegon, MI

PHYSICAL SCIENCE TECHNICIAN                                 
                                           OPEN PERIOD 05/12/1999 - 06/08/1999
SERIES/GRADE: GS-1311-10/10
SALARY: $ 36,370 TO $ 47,279, ANNUAL      



CONTACT:         BRENDA S. CARR            
                 PHONE: (816) 426-5016 320

                 ROOM 1737                     
                 601 EAST 12TH STREET          
                 KANSAS CITY, MO  64106     


Full vacancy announcement follows. Please be sure to review for complete
qualification and "How to Apply" information.  

                             Vacancy Announcement                             
                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE                           
                  COMMERCE, NAT OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMIN                 
Vacancy Announcement Number: C/ERL/99006.BSC                                  
Opening Date:  05/12/1999                                                     
Closing Date:  06/08/1999                                                     
Position:  PHYSICAL SCIENCE TECHNICIAN                                        
Salary: $36370 per year - $47279 per year                                     
Duty Location: 1 vacancy at MUSKEGON, MI                                      
U.S. Department of Commerce/NOAA/Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Applications will be accepted from:                                           
Open to all qualified persons.                                                
Major Duties:  Serves as senior technician at a research field station for all
phases of field programs.                                                     
Operates, assists with the operation of and maintains small boats up to 85    
feet in length in support of research and outreach activities.                
Supplements crew on scientific research vessels up to 85 feet to stand deck   
and wheel watches.                                                            
Operates scientific winches, cranes, sample collection devices and            
Collects and processes field samples and data, which may include modifying or 
developing sampling techniques and procedures.                                
May analyze or assist others in analyzing samples.                            
Incumbent must be able to spend extended periods of time conducting ship-based
sampling and must be physically able and medically qualified to lift and move 
objects weighing up to 75 pounds.                                             
Oversees maintenance of scientific field sation facilities, monitors equipment
performance, performs routine maintenance, procures necessary supplies and    
diagnoses malfunctions of equipment.                                          
Conducts periodic safety checks of scientific facilities and chemical storage 
Keeps records and writes reports to supervisor.                               
Interacts with and communicates with diverse groups of individuals such as the
general public, school children, visiting scientists and government officials,
with various levels of scientific knowledge, to explain and illustrate the    
scientific and technical programs and other outreach activities associated    
with the field station.                                                       
Coordinates field station outreach activities with main lab headquarters      
located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.                                               
Qualifications Required:                                                      
One year of specialized experience at least equivalent to the GS-09 Federal   
grade level.  Specialized experience includes work in the fields of astronomy,
physics, geophysics, chemistry, hydrology, health physics, engineering,       
electronics, geology, oceanography and metallurgy.                            
Experience as a laboratory mechanic or in a trade or craft may be credited as 
general or specialized experience when the work was performed in close        
association with physical scientists or other technical personnel and provided
intensive knowledge of appropriate scientific principles, methods, techniques 
and precedents.                                                               
Knowledges, Skills and Abilities Required:                                    
Candidates should submit a narrative statement on a separate page(s) with     
specific responses to the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) in this     
announcement.  Failure to submit your narrative response to the KSAs for this 
job may negatively affect your eligibility and/or rating for this position.   
Candidates must possess the Selective Placement Factor to receive             
consideration for this position and should address this in their statement of 
Quality Ranking Factors (* = mandatory): Applicants are required to include a 
supplemental sheet describing how their experience and education relates to   
each selective placement and/or quality ranking factor.                       
(1)  Ability to collect and process scientific samples.                       
(2) *Ability to operate and maintain a 65-foot research vessel.               
(3)  Ability to provide technical, administrative and liaison support to a    
scientific program.                                                           
(4)  Ability to communicate effectively.                                      
Selective Placement Factors:  Applicant must possess a valid 100-ton Master's 
License, or have enough working hours on a 100-ton or larger vessel to qualify
for the 100-ton vessel examination.  Documentation of 100-ton license or      
working hours must be provided with application.                              
Basis of Rating:                                                              
Ratings will be based on an evaluation of your experience as it relates to the
qualification requirements and on the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's)
listed.  You should provide detailed evidence of the KSA's in your application
in the form of clear, concise examples showing level of accomplishment and    
degree of responsibility.  Qualified candidates will be assigned a score      
between 70 and 100, not including points that may be assigned for veterans    
Pay, Benefits and Work Schedule:                                              
All Federal employees are required by PL 104-134 to have federal payments made
by Direct Deposit.                                                            
Term Appointment Not to Exceed 18 months                                      
Conditions of Employment:                                                     
Work is performed outdoors, often under adverse weather conditions.           
Work requires frequent bending, stooping, walking, standing, working in       
cramped positions and climbing.                                               
Work requires lifting and moving heavy items.                                 
Under Executive Order 11935, only United States citizens and nationals        
(residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) may compete for civil service 
jobs.  Agencies are permitted to hire noncitizens only in very limited        
circumstances where there are no qualified citizens available for the         
As a condition of employment, male applicants born after December 31, 1959,   
must certify that they have registered with the Selective Service System, or  
are exempt from having to do so under the Selective Service Law.              
A background security investigation will be required for all new hires.       
Appointment will be subject to the applicant's successful completion of a     
background security investigation and favorable adjudication.  Failure to     
successfully meet these requirements will be grounds for termination.         
Frequent travel may be required.                                              
Selective Placement Factors:  Applicant must possess a valid 100-ton Master's 
License, or have enough working hours on a 100-ton or larger vessel to qualify
for the 100-ton vessel examination.  Documentation of 100-ton license or      
working hours must be provided with application.                              
Other Information:                                                            
Competitive status is not required for mentally retarded or severely          
physically disabled applicants eligible for appointment under Section 213.3102
(T) or (U) of Schedule A, and 30% or more disabled veterans eligible for      
appointment under 5 CFR 16.402 (b) (5),and veterans eligible for a Veterans   
Readjustment Appointment (VRA) under 5 CFR 307.103.                           
        Veterans - Long.   You must clearly identify your claim for veterans  
preference on your application.                                               
    o   5-POINT PREFERENCE.  A 5-point preference is granted to veterans who  
entered the military service prior to October 15, 1976, or who served in a    
military action for which they received a Campaign Badge or Expeditionary     
Medal, including the award of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service
in Bosnia during Operation Joint Endeavor, November 20, 1995 - December 20,   
1996, and Operation Joint Guard, December 20, 1996 - to be determined.        
    A 5-point preference is also granted to veterans who served on active duty
during the Gulf War from August 2, 1990 through January 2, 1992.  The law     
grants preference to anyone who is otherwise eligible and who served on active
duty during this period regardless of where the person served or for how long.
 "Otherwise eligible" means that the person must have been released from the  
service under honorable conditions and must have served a minimum of two years
on active duty, or if a Reservist, must have served the full period for which 
called to active duty.                                                        
    If you are claiming a 5-point veteran preference you must provide a       
DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or other proof  
of entitlement.                                                               
    o 10-POINT PREFERENCE.  You may be entitled to a 10-point veteran         
preference if you are a disabled veteran; you have received the Purple Heart; 
you are the spouse or mother of a 100% disabled veteran; or, you are the      
widow, widower, or mother of a deceased veteran.  If you are claiming 10-point
veteran preference, you will need to submit an SF-15, Application for 10-point
Veteran Preference, plus the proof required by that form.                     
Your Social Security Number is requested under the authority of Executive     
Order 9397 to uniquely identify your records from those of other applicants'  
who may have the same name.  As allowed by law or Presidential directive, your
SSN is used to seek information about you from employers, schools, banks, and 
other who may know you.  Failure to provide your SSN on your application      
materials, will result in your application not being processed.               
Before being hired, you will be required to sign and certify the accuracy of  
the information in your application if you have not done this using an        
application form such as the OF-612.                                          
If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be 
hired; you may be fired after you begin work; or you may be subject to fine,  
imprisonment, or other disciplinary action.                                   
Employees who received a buyout and subsequently return to positions in       
Federal agencies, whether by re-employment or contracts for personal services,
are generally obligated to repay the full amount of the buyout to the agency  
that paid it.                                                                 
How To Apply:                                                                 
Applications must be received by the closing date of the announcement to      
receive consideration.                                                        
Applications mailed using government postage and/or internal federal          
government mail systems are in violation of agency and postal regulations and 
will not be accepted.                                                         
        Please submit the following documents to the address provided in this 
    (1) A written application for employment.  You may use OF-612 (Optional   
Application for Federal Employment), a resume, or submit an alternative       
format.  You must include all of the information specified in this vacancy    
announcement and all information listed in the Office of Personnel            
Management's brochure "Applying for a Federal Job (OF-510).  Applications must
be Typed or Printed clearly in dark ink.                                      
    (2) Narrative assessment of your qualifications in terms of the Knowledge,
Abilities, Skills and Other Characteristics (KASOCS) identified within this   
announcement.  Describe experience (paid or unpaid), education, training and  
self-development as related to the KASOCS.                                    
        Reqd Documents (Long).  Submit a resume, Optional Application for     
Federal Employment (OF-612) or other written application format of your       
choice.  Be sure you provide all of the information requested below:          
    Job Information:                                                          
    -   Announcement Number, title and grade(s) for which you are applying.   
    Personal Information:                                                     
    -   Full name, mailing address (with zip code) and day/evening telephone  
numbers (with area code).                                                     
    -   Social Security Number.  Giving your Social Security Number is        
voluntary.  However, we cannot process your application without it.           
    -   Country of Citizenship.                                               
    -   If ever employed by the Federal Government, please show the highest   
Federal civilian grade held, job series, and dates of employment in grade.    
    -   High School name, city, state and zip code, date of diploma or GED.   
    -   Colleges and/or Universities attended, city state and zip code.       
    -   Major field(s) of study.                                              
    -   Type and year of degree(s) received.  If no degree received, show     
total credit hours received in semester or quarter hours.                     
    Work Experience for each paid or non-paid position held related to the job
for which you are applying (do not provide copies of job descriptions):       
    -   Job title.                                                            
    -   Duties and accomplishments.                                           
    -   Number of hours per week.                                             
    -   Employers name and address.                                           
    -   Supervisor's name and phone number.                                   
    -   Starting and ending dates of employment (month and year).             
    -   Salary.                                                               
    -   Indicate if your current supervisor may be contacted.                 
    Other Qualifications:                                                     
    -   Job-related training courses (title and year).                        
    -   Job-related skills (e.g., other languages, computer software/hardware,
tools, machinery, typing speed, etc.)                                         
    -   Job-related certificates and licenses.                                
    -   Job-related honors, awards, and special accomplishments (e.g.,        
publications, memberships in professional or honor societies, leadership      
activities, public speaking, performance awards, etc.)  Do not send copies of 
documents unless specifically requested.                                      
    -   If you are applying for Veteran Preference, submit evidence of        
eligibility, such as; DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active 
Duty, or Standard Form 15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference, and   
the proof requested on the form.                                              
    -   If you are or have been a Federal employee, please submit a copy of   
your last Notification of Personnel Action, Form SF-50, and your most recent  
or last performance appraisal.                                                
Applicants who do not submit the required items will not be considered. It is 
the applicant's responsibility to provide documentation/proof of claimed      
qualifications, education, veterans preference, status (SF-50) and/or         
verification of eligibility for non-competitive appointment, (and eligibility 
for Indian Preference for Employment, where applicable).  Applicants will not 
be contacted for additional information if their applications are incomplete  
or inadequate.                                                                
Materials submitted as a part of your application will not be returned.       
APPLICATION ADDRESS:                                                          
ATTN: BRENDA S. CARR                                                          
601 EAST 12TH STREET, ROOM 1737                                               
KANSAS CITY, MO 64106                                                         
CONTACT PERSON:                                                               
BRENDA S. CARR                                                                
(816) 426-5016, EXT. 320                                                      
FAX NUMBER:  (816) 426-7085/7177                                              
TDD NUMBER:  (816) 426-7471                                                   
Meet all eligibility and qualification requirements by the closing date.      
Applications transmitted by facsimile machine are acceptable but must be      
received by the closing date.  This agency bears no responsibility for        
ensuring that our machines are available for receipt of applications or for   
the quality of the copies.  Note: Department of Commerce Career Transition    
Assistance Program eligibles may apply at any time until a certificate of     
eligibles is issued.                                                          
Apply at your own expense.  Applications mailed in government postage-paid    
envelopes will not be accepted.                                               
Any required investigations and clearances must be completed before a selectee
is placed in the position.                                                    
Privacy Act Notice (PL 93-579): The information requested here is used to     
determine qualifications for employment and is authorized under Title 5 U.S.C.
3302 and 3361.                                                                
You will not be notified of vacancy outcomes and we cannot return your        
Salaries shown for this vacancy include locality pay.  Applicants interested  
in relocating to a different geographic location should be aware that their   
salary is subject to change.                                                  
Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the type and quality of job related  
experience, training, and awards (indicate dates received) and are required to
submit a supplementary statement addressing how they meet the quality ranking 
Those selected from outside the National Oceanic and Atmospheric              
Administration will be required to complete the Declaration for Federal       
Employment, OF-306.                                                           
DOC employees may be considered before other applicants.                      
    SPECIAL INTEREST INSTRUCTIONS                                             
1. Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) and Interagency Career         
Transition Assistance program (ICTAP) eligibles:                              
    a. CTAP eligibles must submit a copy of their specific RIF notice and     
documentation from their agency reflecting the promotion potential of their   
most recent Federal position.                                                 
    b. ICTAP eligibles must submit one of the following as proof of           
eligibility for selection priority: a separation notice; a 'Notification of   
Personnel Action' (SF-50) documenting separation; an agency certification that
you cannot be placed after injury compensation has been terminated; an OPM    
notification that your disability annuity has been terminated; OR a Military  
Department or National Guard Bureau notification that you are retired under 6 
U.S.C. 8837(h) or 8456.                                                       
    c. CTAP and ICTAP eligibles will be given selection priority if rated     
well-qualified by meeting the critical quality ranking factors (as identified 
by an asterisk on each announcement).  To be rated well-qualified candidates  
must meet or exceed the fully satisfactory level (or equivalent) of the       
crediting plan.                                                               
2. Current and former Federal employees are encouraged to:                    
    a. Submit a copy of their most recent performance appraisal; and          
    b. Include a copy of their last Notice of Personnel Action, SF-50.        
3. Handicapped, disabled veteran, VRA and other eligibles for noncompetitive  
appointments under special appointing authorities must clearly specify this   
eligibility on their applications and be prepared to show proof upon request. 
For additional information about this position please contact:                
Contact:               BRENDA S. CARR                                         
Please submit your application package to:                                    
                       ROOM 1737                                              
                       601 EAST 12TH STREET                                   
                       KANSAS CITY, MO   64106                                
The Department of Commerce (DOC) does not condone or tolerate discrimination  
based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental 
disability, or sexual orientation.