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Program on Conservation Development in South Bend, Indiana

"The Dollars & $ense of Conservation Development"

Sponsored by: The Conservation Fund
In Partnership with: The St. Joseph River Basin Commission & The Home 
Builders Association of St. Joseph Valley

Thursday, May 27, 1999 7:30 - 9:30 AM 
University of Notre Dame, Center for Continuing Education, South Bend, Indiana
$10 Registration Fee will be collected the day of the event.  Continental 
Breakfast Included.

Questions to be addressed include:

 What is Conservation Development?
 How can Conservation Development save developers and local communities 
 Why would I want a Conservation Development in my community?
 How do I go about the approval process for a Conservation Development?
 What are some lessons learned from other Conservation Development projects 
in the region?
 How do Conservation Developments protect our natural resources?

Presentations include:

1. What is Conservation Development? - Sarah Bennett Nerenberg, The 
Conservation Fund
2. The Shifting Economic Paradigm for Development - Kevin Warren, Lake Erie 
Land Company 
3. Environmental Design Options - Jim New, J.F. New and Associates
4. A Developer's Perspective - Jane Tenney, Longmeadow 
5. Is Michiana ready for Conservation Development?	Don Sporleder, 
University of Notre Dame, School of Architecture

We welcome interested individuals, planners, homebuilders, developers, 
contractors, surveyors, county, township, municipal staff and officials, 
conservation organizations and agencies, architects, landscape architects, 
urban designers, educators, students, attorneys, and real estate agents.

The Conservation Fund is a national, non-profit organization that seeks 
sustainable conservation solutions for the 21st Century, emphasizing the 
integration of economic and environmental goals.  In partnership with local 
developers, community groups and government agencies, The Fund is working to 
demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of  "watershed-sensitive" 
design through a series of model developments.  In particular, The Fund is 
working to demonstrate the benefits of conservation-oriented site-planning 
and best management practices that reduce impervious cover and conserve open 
space.  The model projects are located in Huron, Ohio, Germantown, Wisconsin, 
Niles, and Saginaw, Michigan.  The Great Lakes Protection Fund and the Gund 
Foundation provided major funding for this project.

To Register call 312-913-9307 or email SarahTCF@aol.com